Saturday, March 15, 2008

composition book

composition book
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gesso, paste, cut, tear, draw, watercolor, color, shade, watercolor, paste, gesso, etc.

pea pods and stars, found papers layered over a gesso covered composition book from the grocery store... these are the things late nights are made of.

this is a little notebook for the storing of ideas for a couple of text based games i play on. plot ideas. interactive storytelling rocks.

Monday, March 10, 2008

tattoo hearts

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recent invasion into the sketchbook swap blog of the journals maralena and i are trading--tattoo type hearts. i have been thinking about tattoos a lot.

FarmBoy's brother opened a shop with 2 friends, and the newly blue-haired FarmBoy works as the shop boi on weekends. he's also going to begin apprenticing there, i think. so i draw, and i ponder.

lots more new work:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

layers + teamwork

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my favorite thing about collaborative journals is the building up of layers. you can, of course, do this on your own, without another person, but there is less surprise involved--less challenge when you're playing art with yourself. it's like visual chess, almost, except one person doesn't beat the other person--you just strive for a kind of aesthetic resonance.

more @ the messy art sketchbook swap blog.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ceramic hearts

ceramic hearts
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semi anatomical ceramic hearts. the ones in the back have been fired--it's a stoneware clay (#153). i'm not so fond of this naked body, so i am going to paint and collage them instead of glazing since they are so sculptural. i have ze PLANS!

the grey ones in the front are greenware. three of them are in the kiln. the one standing up needs a hole drilled into it first (oops). someone, who shall remain nameless, broke off one of the valves =b. i have to 'sand' it down with a sponge and fix it before it can be fired.

preview! =) i'll post them again when they're finished.