Sunday, July 13, 2008

printmaking: collographs

collographs, 11x5, 4 up

saturday the print club held a collaborative collograph printing day @ nku. a small group was in attendance (8-ish), and everyone brought at least 1 plate to print with.

collographs are pretty sweet, and the plate making is low tech and fairly intuitive. for directions on how to do this, see the print club blog. you will need a press, too. ;)

below are a few images of plates, prints, and stuff from the day. we made a huge mess, but it was fun. all prints displayed have a printed area of 11x15 inches.

prints in progress (nicci)spiral printpulling a final layer from bonnie's platebonnie's collographbonnie's printsprints drying on the rackbonnie's plate - detail of textureplacing plates on the presspulled print with plate on press

note: for collographs you need thinned down, soupy ink. you use very little, and thin with oil. it really doesn't take much ink at all. print love.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

nicci's journal - july 08

nicci's journal - july 08
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Severance Package was pretty funny, but you can completely tell the author is a comic dude who has seen too many slasher flicks. if you're a pacifist, don't read this book. srsly. if dark humor tickles you, check it out.

i work a little bit in this sketchbook every night. it's getting supremely heavy and thick. anyone know where to buy larger bindings for spiral notebooks? yeesh.

currently reading: Taking the LEAP: Building a Career as a Visual Artist by Cay Lang. (suggested by mcdc3s.)