Tuesday, December 07, 2010


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certain other things have taken a bit of my attention this holiday season. Namely a tropical island and some stylish goblins with attitude. Cataclysm is pretty fun times. the gobbie lands are ridiculous, but it's the most fun i've had on the game since i first started playing.

the new computer's graphics capability doesn't hurt. some of the zones are incredibly vibrant, which is important to us artistic types. i could hang out on the beach all day.

sadly, some of the goblins can't spell. =(

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Monday, December 06, 2010

hello, hello

i do believe my love affair with Tumblr has cooled off. at first, i thought the clean format was sort of lovely, the templates fairly easy to use. but let's face it, the comment feature leaves something to be desired. that or i simply couldn't figure it out. one of these days, i'll have a proper integrated blog and website design, and i won't have to fiddle so much.

what is the internet, if not a hotbed of broken links, fads in websites, software, and apps. twitter still scares me a little, but that could just be the cute little cartoon logo.

i've abandoned the shift key again, as i've been using it quite a bit on a novel manuscript i'm working on. another one, ohnoes! why, you ask?

graduate school. i've gone and enrolled in a Masters of English program. the program is flexible, and allows for a variety of focus for various students. you essentially build your own curriculum based on your interest, and are given several options for a capstone project (rather than simply 1 option: giant thesis). i'm going the creative route, novel, project. something!

my first semester is drawing to a close (whew, lots of work!) and the winter break is just about upon me. my final portfolios go in this week, so maybe i'll have some for some ATCs while i'm hiding from all the snow outside.

i find myself thinking about a new look. perhaps i'll re-design my website. oh, internets. how you tempt me to things...