Monday, June 30, 2008

spoils of a collage workshop

workshop - 28 june 08
the collage workshop over @ NKU was a success. Randel led it, an provided plenty of materials and surfaces for collage, as well as some instruction and a movie, which was pretty cool (even though i was subtitled!) called The Gleaners and I by Agnes Varda.

some of the attendees had never collage before, some were artists, some teachers. i was half asleep through almost the whole thing, thusly less social than normal. not a morning person, as you may recall. also, staying up until 5 puts a bit of a dent in getting up at 8 to drive to Kentucky.

despite the hardship of only about half of my brain going, i made some stuff i like, and got re connected with gluing anything and everything down, and also learned a new method of image transfer involving toner printed to tracing paper.

workshop collage stuff - 28 june 08 stars on red - 28 jun 08
i pulled out the bottle of acrylic water resistant ink and did some detail with it--edges and elements within the collages. the plus side is it looks great with organic lines... and this time it didn't explode on me when i opened it. that was nice.

tissue paper is my favorite collage element. nice colors, easy.

hand head 56 - 28 jun 08

i have a few more images i'll post later. off to lunch with my sister! (Tink)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

collage stars - detail

collage stars - detail
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tomorrow, well, actually in about 6 hours, i'm going to a workshop over @ NKU given by an artist friend, Randel. (we're in a printmaking group together). it's a collage workshop, so today i did a little work in the sketchbook that is my half of the swap with maralena. i'm also taking it tomorrow to add more... i need several projects at once because i hate waiting for things to dry.

i made this mistake of indulging in a glass of coke earlier, so i will probably be awake for a while. i'm going to be wiped out tomorrow at the workshop. i am not a morning person. this thing starts at 9am. it's a 25-30 minute drive. oh boy. it goes until 4p.

sooooo not. a. morning. person.

it's a good thing collage doesn't have to involve sharp implements.

desk, 27june08

a view of my busy desk on 28 june 08.
pieced together of 3 images to form a faux panoramic view.

sometimes a little glue, paint, gesso, ink, or glitter gets on my laptop because i keep it on when i work.

you never know when inspiration will strike, or you'll need to google something in reference to your work!

the sketchbook to the left is my journal from the sketchbook swap i am doing with Maralena. here you can see i'm adding some color with tissue.

inky three - detail

Monday, June 09, 2008

shrimp sushi

shrimp sushi
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today i made sushi for the first time. i have never seen it made, so it was an adventure! it took a bit longer than expected, but ended up being more or less pretty, if a little lopsided. it tasted yummy, which is the important part! the symmetrical stuff comes later. =>