Tuesday, October 30, 2007

studio - 29 OCT 2007

studio - 29 OCT 2007
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so. yes. half of the studio is more or less 'less messy'ish. yes, technical term. i know, i know. Theresa and i seem to do out studio cleaning/reorganizations at the same time. i dunno if it's the change in season, the madness that piles up and we just can't take it anymore, or some cosmic urge to do something so we don't feel like we're completely art's bitch.

anywho, yes. studio. as you can see, the walls are the same color of paint they were in Savannah. i really love the color, and despite the year of hellishness that was living in that town, i'm not giving up on the color. ;)

there are some notes on this photo, so click it and go to flickr if you're curious. as you can see, Dickens was actually captured in this image. usually he runs when the camera comes out. he doesn't like the cell phone cam, the digital cam, or the digital video cam. i share my studio with him and Spike. they laze around when i'm making art, like gargoyles--one 8.5 lbs, the other about 67lbs.

the other day when i was making blue paper, Spike decided it would be fun to walk across it. He left little blue paw prints across my desk. ah, kitties.

when he's not doing that, he's either sleeping on my laptop, because it's warm, or taking over chairs. good thing he's small and easily portable. if Dickens wanted my chair, i'd be out of luck.

Monday, October 29, 2007

green & orange - heart closure

green & orange - heart closure
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i found the perfect fiber in my little fiber stash when trying to clean out a bin or two from the studio pile waiting to be unpacked. as it turned out, it matched my handmade paper perfectly! it's kinda spooky how well the colors match...

so i finished off this miniature blank book. $21.

4 signatures, 32pp, cream linen resume paper guts, fiber & button closure. handmade, one of a kind paper on the exterior cover, fine medium on light grey striped interior cover paper. decorative paper & wood spine. hand sewn binding. one of a kind blank book.
4.5 x 4.65 x .5 inches.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

blue spell book

blue spell book - front cover, closed
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finally! i finished this blue book. it took me a while to get the colors together, and to decide how to to the pentacles. mmm. blues. there are about five different shades of blue in there. this book measures about 7.25 x 5.25 x 1 inches. it's a hand sewn 5 signature book, with 80pp.

you can check out the back cover + spine + embellishments, or the guts, or a detail of the cover charm over on my flickr.

Monday, October 22, 2007

i heart autumn

fat girl # 11 - guts
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pumpkins are one of the coolest things ever. as you can see, we have a few. orange is a great color. the Dutch have good taste.

Fat Girl # 11 is finished and up in ye olde shop.

i'm making yummy soup, and working on a commission. it's warm, it's October, and it's raining. good friends, good times. good day.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

orange eyelets make the world go round

olives & heart - 4x4 journal
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i ran out of packing tape again. argh! i also ran out of my little promo bookmarky size thank you notes to go with my zine sales. yargh!

and i misplaced my promo thank you buttons, and my YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL buttons. how is this possible? sigh. studio cleaning time.

and i need to do some promo items for the GOOD WITCH BAD WITCH etsy shop.

i'm going to be a pirate for halloween. how about you?

ARRR avast ye scurvy dogs!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

heart art, projects and shows

yellow & pink bubbles
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while i bat around ideas for the cover of the i carry your heart chunky book, and i have quite a few, i am making these 4x4 inch journals. i applied for a holiday show today, and if i'm juried in, i plan to take these little guys. actually, not this specific one, as seen in the photo. that one's for me. i find myself enamored of dots and spots recently.

i have a few deadlines for show entries on my plate at the moment, including one along my favorite theme--relationships. it's a valentines sort of time frame, too. you know what that means. corazon.

if you're interested in a hearty type call, go to the following link, and flick on the call for entries in the left hand column:

you can download a PDF of the entry form there!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

blank books & journals - shop items

x heart x - 4x4 journal
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i spent a little time this morning updaying my good witch/bad witch shop @ etsy. i added one of a kind journals with hand painting/drawing on the covers, and i also added one of another kind of blank book--the long format japanese stab bound books. these have a lot of hand sewing of embellishments including buttons, and some of those snazzy mini-painted squares i like so much.

i am feeling really inspired by paper and color lately. and buttons. did i mention the buttons? mmmm.

i finally took one of the journals out for myself. i decided i am going to work in it and perhaps provide links to images of it finished from my items in the shop, so people can see how cool one looks in use.

shop good witch/bad witch.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

autumn rocks, people.

harvest - scarecrow
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i love autumn. i love the smell, i love the colors, and i sure love an excuse to drink hot chocolate next to a space heater, or breathe in the scent of fallen leaves. i missed it very much when i was in Savannah, land of no seasons.

i drew this little scarecrow as part of a series of cards i am working on. some of them are listed in my good witch/bad witch shop on etsy. you can find various sets including a harvest set featuring that little scarecrow and his pumpkin patch, as well as some skellies, and bottles bubbly potion, including a love potion and a mystery xxx green potion.

don't miss the 4x4 inch journals there, too! mmm.

you might consider picking up a spell book...

or, if you'd like, i am open to doing custom sets of cards or invitations. do ask. xox

Sunday, October 07, 2007

mini journal - side view - embellishment

mini journal - side view - embellishment
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at 4x4 inches, these little arty books are pocket size. each is handmade, and each is hand painted, front and back cover. the edges are decoratively treated, and each little journal contains
16 white cover stock pages, suitable for drawing, painting, writing, or collaging.

hand sewn. they are also individually embellished with ribbon, yarn, or a combination of both. the embellishment also serves as a tie closure. the covers are sealed, both inside and out, either with a brushed on or sprayed sealer. the inside covers are collaged with recycled text bits.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

love me, love my belly

love me, love my belly
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zine binding continues. it's a never ending process, really! i bound 20 issues of fg#11, 20 issues of fg#5, and i'm half way through 20 issues of dad zine.

i also had 2 sets of dog tags made, finally. i love these things. each has 2 tags on it. one reads love me, love my belly and the other reads don't hate me because you're hungry.

there's a new gift set of fg up, containing issues 1-10 + a YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL button.


Monday, October 01, 2007

orange kitty with stars

pink card - orange kitty
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i have been working on cards. i drew one up on a white card of spike with the moon and some stars. i decided it was pretty cool, so i did a series of them. you can see a detail of the kitty on flickr.

these cards are invitation size, 5.5 x 4.25 inches.

@ etsy.