Sunday, July 22, 2007

promo items

promo items
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here's how i resolved my little 'write a note to people with their order and include a button' dilemma. i am just testing these out until i figure out a better way. i like these, but doing a lot of them would suck the ink out of my printer. i get 8 to a standard sheet. i think they're cute.

i'm trying to work out a look and theme to my packaging, but keep it simple so as not to be wasteful.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

yoni tiles

yoni tiles
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these little ceramic tiles are made of a warm red clay, and have been bisqued and glaze fired with majolica glazes whose characteristic effect is watercolor-esque. they are 1x1 inches each.

they are made by first bisquing the tiles, then doing a white glaze fire. next, the color glazes are applied and the tiles are fired again.

note: at least one hole is blocked by glaze on each of these tiles. you can glue them down, and hide the holes with a glued in seed bead, if you like or epoxy in short lengths of wire to emulate sewing.

@ etsy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

portfolio 8pointoh

portfolio 8pointoh
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a tentative re-design of my portfolio. i'm not sure i'll keep all thes sub-headings. designing that many galleries doesn't sound like a lot of fun!

i want to keep my website current, so i think it's best to just list the newest works and thinks in progress.

this is the only remaining section of the website to finish--also the biggest. this accounts for almost all of the content. zoiks!

i may remove the 'work in series' section, and just upload the older work to my flickr, leaving evematrix as an illustration/mail art/journal site. one day, if i feel the yen for photo again, i will design an entire section for my photography.

eve 8 point oh

eve 8 point oh
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and thus it begins. version eight point oh. slow going. i'm going to do my level best not to upload this until it's finished. srsly.

so kick me if i u/l it too soon and there are broken links. ;)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

you do doodle too

you do doodle too
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i am working on a site re-design. i'm going hand illustration all the way. here's a sample of the nav bar and what it's going to look like. (you know, i should really just hire someone to do my layout with my own graphics. but i'm going to do it myself. it's tedious, but i will get it to where i like it eventually. as everyone knows, i do this about once a year. the idea is to get something fun so i can stop re-designing, and just concentrate on adding content.

too cute? just right? please leave me your thoughts. you can also look at the first edition of the bar and see the difference, and also check out what one page looked like straight out of my sketchbook.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Skin blank cards

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These invitation size cards are printed with hi rez digital artwork. Each card contains an envelope with it, and they are blank inside. Hand assembled, with some stamped on the back.

Inside this pack are 10 cards total:
5 cards of the back musculature.
5 cards of the hand on the back of the neck.

All ten cards are made with acid free materials. The images are printed on epson matte paper.

@ etsy.

Girls blank cards

Originally uploaded by anongrrl

These invitation size cards are printed with hi rez digital artwork. Each card contains an envelope with it, and they are blank inside. Hand assembled, with some stamped on the back.

These photos of my niece and her best friend were taken as a series about girls and their friendships with each other. The other 2 cards are toy camera photos of my niece, the distortions in the lens add a little mystery to the images.

Images vary. More photos @ etsy.

All eight cards are made with acid free materials. The images are printed on epson matte paper.

vibrant doodle cards

vibrant doodle cards
Originally uploaded by anongrrl

These invitation size cards are printed with hi rez digital artwork. Each card contains an envelope with it, and they are blank inside. Hand assembled, with some stamped on the back.

Inside this pack are 11 cards total:
4 of the little bedroom cards
5 of the sleepy kitty cards
1 of the queen bee cards
1 of the ladybug card

All eleven cards are made with acid free materials. The images are printed on epson matte paper.

@ etsy.

portfolio of stuff

portfolio of stuff
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in one of my portfolios, i found this stack of prints from my first year of printmaking. the top is a print on tracing paper i did so i could test colors. i never did use color on this block, but saved the proof for some reason.

it's all about process, isn't it? it was interesting to look through this portfolio and see work from 9 years ago (or so). i remember loving this print soley because of the hair. it's all about the hair.

there was also some stuff in there i found to be really crappy. and then there was a piece i hated when i made it, but love it now. it's titled lethargy and is very zombie-esque.

lethargy (monotype)

lethargy (monotype)
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this is the only surviving monotype print from my days of undergrad. i just found it in a portfolio i was cleaning out. it's a 3 color monotype, which means it was run through the press three times with ink on mylar to offset it onto paper. it's about 9x12 inches (image area) or so.

it's very zombilicious.

Monday, July 16, 2007

orange crush cards

orange crush cards
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this is a pack of seven cards with 4 separate photographic images. if you have been checking out my art for a while, you might recognize the photos from the orange crush series i did of piece portraits. they're a little sexy without showing much of what is traditionally considered naughty.

suggestive, we shall say. i decided to offer them in a pack on etsy for $10 per set of 7 cards. there are 2 sets of these. they're available in my shop.

more images are also available at the object page on etsy.

zine sampler

zine sampler
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this is a little sample pack of zines. the MHW issue (green) talks about how to make your own zine. DNB and Cook This! are 24 Hour Zines, and EA:Self Portraits (red) is a 1/8 size zine that shows staple binding. it's an alternative zine size that isn't really used much. the other zines are hand bound with a japanese stab binding.

this little set seems like a pretty good starter for anyone who is looking to make their own zine, with instructions in MHW#2, and a showcase of three sizes, and two different bindings.

zine stash

zine stash
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this is the zine stash i have been working on binding. these are mostly copies of Fat Girl (1-7), Toy Camera, & Do Not Bend.

these zines are 1/4 size (meaning they are the size of a quarter of a sheet of US standard paper). they are all hand bound with a japanese stab binding. i store this size zine in a wire crate.

mmm black metal.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

mandala chunky book - orange pages

mandala chunky book - orange pages
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a stack of grey, orange, red and black pages for Pat's mandala chunky book. these are all hand stamped and embellished with awesome polka dotty ribbon, as well as shrinky dink signature tags and thread.

one of these days i'll get around to posting galleries of all the chunky books i have participated in! no, really.

funky shoes - editioned artist book

funky shoes - editioned artist book
Originally uploaded by anongrrl

before i moved to GA, i had a little screen printing setup going in my old studio. here it is, covered with editioned artist books. FUNKY SHOES chunky was a lot of fun to make. it's always an accomplishment to see a large project finished, laid out like a little army of art.

chunky book. collaboration. mail artists. love!

Spring Ginkgos

Spring Ginkgos, originally uploaded by m.Lee.

i just bought this from Marissa. 4x4 inches, original color woodcut. srsly. $20? she's nuts, and now it's mine!

this will look perfect in my studio! i just have to get off my butt and cut a mat for it, then wait for it to arrive! i have some frames around here somewhere, too.

check out her shop on etsy, yo. you'll dig it.

mary - woodblock

mary, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

who loves carving? i do.

this is an early woodcut--my second attempt at carving from a portrait collage. i love the hair.

this is, by the way, the block, not the print. i have no idea where the prints got off to. (carved in 1999)

red lipstick

lipstick, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

aunt beth taught me about lipstick.

when i was little, every time i went to her house, we would sneak into the bathroom, and i would put some on under her watchful eye.

red, of course.

then i'd scamper out to the dining room, where Dad was having a beer, and kiss him on the face to leave a nice big smear.

he hated that, and would make a large production over trying to fend me off.

i thought it was funny as hell.

so did she.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

rainbow hair atc

rainbow hair atcs, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

this is what happens when i use saturated watercolor to doodle.

zine bindings

fg 1-6 bindings, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

i've been doing a lot of zine binding recently. i make zines. it's an addition, i swear!

a lot of the time and energy that goes into them actually comes in the binding stage. (boy if you think it's hard to get started, try finishing a zine! lol)

if you're interested in seeing some of these zines, check out:

studio 905 - doorway

studio905_doorway, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

it almost looks clean, doesn' t it? my studio.

the walls are painted Mango Madness orange. i believe it's a Behr color.

art everywhere!

bird book pages - front

fronts, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

here's a front side view of the bird book pages. you can see better what the embellishments looked like.

the left hand page is actually a one of a kind page, meant for the charity book for the edition, which will be auctioned or sold to benefit a charity.

the right hang page is a sample from the edition. they are similar, hence editioned, but each is unique in coloro and elements. hand stamped, drawn, and colored. mixed media.

you can see the original call in Amy's blog.

bird book pages

stackedpages, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

here's a photo of all the pages, stacked up with their embellishments showing! there are 20 pages here, all with 2 embellishments per page, one on either side of the bottom.

yum! editioned art.

bead spears

beadspears, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

when i'm doing embellishment for piece, i find that the overall composition is more influenced by the embellishment than my original idea.

these embellishments, which i like to call danglies, we assembled for a bird themed chunky book. (a skinny fat book.. 3x6 inches).

the bead spears, made with doubled and twisted beading wire, were used to attach the double sided squares to the bottoms of pages. they are my favorite part of the whole compostion.

it probably has to do with the multi color eyelets!

altered egg envelope

egg_02, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

hand carved stamps + gouche + watercolor + sharpie = yum!

something wicked - back cover

wicked2.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

one of the participants made this awesome page with a match book glued to the back. each one had a mini ouija board with a plachette inside.

gotta love attention to detail.

something wicked this way comes

wicked3.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

the theme? halloween!
this awesome spider, rat, witch and ghost infested skinny fat book is a limited edition. each person made an edition of their page, and then it was collated by me, and i sent them back to everyone!

these books are too cool. so textural and embellished to within an inch of their lives!

she said, 'x'

n13_14, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

this is one of my favorite journal pages.
one letter.

sometimes it's not how much space you use on a page, it's how you use it.

pin weaving

pinweave1.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

pin weaving is a fun way to make little bases for fiber projects. it's not too hard. you just need some floss, yawn, pins, and foam core. it helps to have a piece of cardboard or something to open the weave, and a shuttle. you can just use one of those large plastic needles for kids needlepoint.

altered boxes

3boxes.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

these are some of those inexpensive little pressed paper boxes you can get at craft stores for 60 cents or so.

gesso + watercolor + paper + sharpie + gold leaf + beads + charms + varnish.

guardian angel - woodcut

guardianangel, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

i found this image in my digital archive. this is the oldest surviving piece of artwork i have. this is my very first woodcut print, made in 1999. the title is Guardian Angel.

this print is based on a character of mine from a game i used to play. Arden, her iguana, and her draconic guardian angel/demon thing/person.

it's a long story. i just like the image!

green lady envelope

greenladyenvelope, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

gouche is a wonderful thing.
i love watercolors.
and number 6 coin envelopes.

this is what happens when you put those things together.

i was watching CSI:NY at the time. no wonder she's a little blue and corpsified.

Salisbury Cathedral - July 2004

Salisbury Cathedral - July 2004, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

a portrait of me taken by Frannie.

holga image sewn to paper - tattoo

a holga image printed digitally, sewn to hand dyed paper.
part of the TRANSGRESSION series from my thesis exhibition.

suspended hearts

suspendedhearts.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

my thesis exhibition, as i graduated form the BFA program at Northern Kentucky University, consisted of photographs, fiber, and hanging sculpture (ceramic hearts suspended with aluminum chain).

the temporary walls formed an 8x8 foot box with a 4 foot wide door. the photographs (made digitally from negatives taken with a Holga), were sewn onto dyed red paper, and tacked ot the wlls with T pins, each a nude with a definition below it, modified from the dictionary definitions for words such as: worship, sanctuary, gender, womb, and heart.

the suspended hearts served both as a decorative element, and a device to keep the viewer in intimate proximity to the images, lest the back into the hanging sculpture and cause it to swing.

freeness - journal

freenessjournal.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

this 4x4 inch journal is bound with a hard comb binding, which is very similar to a spiral bind. it's sturdy and clean looking. fiber was tied in the loops to give it an extra funky embellishment.

it's made with collage, stamping, machine sewing, dictionary bits, and some handmade paper.

inside is cream resume paper. the covers are heavy cardstock. it has about 80 pages inside.

nervous pages - chunky book detail

nervouspage5detail.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

chunky books are little books stuffed full of embellishment and ephemera--art! i have done several collaborative artist books in this fashion.

this is a close up up a stamped, embossed, collaged, and threaded page for a tribute chunky book.

bronze embossing powder is probably my favorite.

the fool - gold tarot

thefool_goldtarot.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

the jester's hat and the white feather as tattoo elements.

strength - gold tarot

strength_goldtarot.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

i have long been fascinated by tattoos and the tarot. in this hand made deck of the 22 major arcana, i used pen and ink to explore traditional tarot imagery along with the idea of the tattoo.

tiny stamp decos

dv_tinystampdecoRR.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

decoVignette is a y! groups mail art group i host. this image is a sample of a round robin deco swap we had going on the theme of tiny stamps. the idea was everyone would carve a small stamp, under 2 inches or so. we made decos of appropriate size, then sent them around and each person used the stamp they carved to make an entry into all the other decos.

here they are all pictured together.

all about me

aboutmedeco.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

when i was in high school, and into my early college years, i hated doing self portraits in art. it's funny that now, self recording has become a major theme in my work.

whether it's a literal portait, or something a little more metaphoric, i'm always doing works and collaborative projects on the self.

decos included.


typography, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

this deco was created by Marieke. in the upper left corner is her cover. the rest of these images are my page.

first, i made a 3x3 inch piece of paper using a miniature paper making kit i bought in London, England in a museum gift shop. i used pre printed paper, finely chopped, so that some letters are still visible in the body of it.

next i stamped in red and black WORD, and sewed it, by hand, into the deco.

Friday, July 06, 2007

nude deco

nude.jpg, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

1.5 x 1 inch deco. cardstock and inks with beaded binding.

this miniature deco has yet to come home. i made it to test out some new stamps i bought in Cleveland, Ohio for $10.

i love typewriter font stamps. it's an addiction that cannot be cured!

but honestly, why would you want to?


thumbprintcookies, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

sometimes i bake cookies with melty chocolate.

army of cookie

uncookedcookie, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

sometimes i bake cookies.


gmt_01, originally uploaded by anongrrl.


when i was there, i had the most fun photographing graffiti.

i almost lost my fellow photographers as they wandered on, and i stayed to take this picture.

FAV 2004

fav2004, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

fine art valentines 2004.
the first FAV exchange.

this site documents the first FAV exchange. some early web design efforts for my portfolio.

you can see it here: FAV I - Website.

hairline fracture

hairline fracture, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

2x2 inch hand carved relief print with hand coloring.

fine art valentine.


redgirl, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

sometimes i make serigraphs from my doodles in my sketchbook. this is one such example. she won a blue ribbon at an art fair. gotta be the hair.

multiple color reduction serigraph.

serigraph is a fancy name for screenprint.

this is water based ink. so... acrylic.

yay for low studio toxicity!

blue goddess - raku

bluegoddess_raku, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

sensing a goddess theme?

the goddess is a recurring image in my artwork.

this little baby is about an inch tall. she was hand sculpted in clay, bisqued, and then raku fired with a unique glaze i formulated.