Wednesday, January 02, 2008

fish says love - chunky page

fish says love - chunky page
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this is a 3x3 inch chunky pages embellished to be bound into a 4x4 inch chunky book with a spiral bind. the others have the goldfish painted orange like so, and the papers vary, but all were handmade with a mini paper making kit i bought in London once upon a time.

recycled handmade paper, marker, watercolor, ink, wire, beads, eyelets, and dictionary bits.

so close to being finished...


Tam said...

I wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful Christmas goodies. I sure loved everything! You're wonderful!


Maralena (AKA: mcdc3s) said...

This was so adorable as the cover! I just adore my little book.

nicci said...

barb: you are a spammer. shame on you. as soon as i figure out how to delete your spam, i'm boot kickin' it in the nuts.

tam: you're welcome! thank you for saying so. i hope you're having a great year.

maralena: yay! which reminds me, i have to post the book here... oh, and jonathan loved your pages, maralena. we fought over who would get which one =>. hahaha.