Tuesday, October 30, 2007

studio - 29 OCT 2007

studio - 29 OCT 2007
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so. yes. half of the studio is more or less 'less messy'ish. yes, technical term. i know, i know. Theresa and i seem to do out studio cleaning/reorganizations at the same time. i dunno if it's the change in season, the madness that piles up and we just can't take it anymore, or some cosmic urge to do something so we don't feel like we're completely art's bitch.

anywho, yes. studio. as you can see, the walls are the same color of paint they were in Savannah. i really love the color, and despite the year of hellishness that was living in that town, i'm not giving up on the color. ;)

there are some notes on this photo, so click it and go to flickr if you're curious. as you can see, Dickens was actually captured in this image. usually he runs when the camera comes out. he doesn't like the cell phone cam, the digital cam, or the digital video cam. i share my studio with him and Spike. they laze around when i'm making art, like gargoyles--one 8.5 lbs, the other about 67lbs.

the other day when i was making blue paper, Spike decided it would be fun to walk across it. He left little blue paw prints across my desk. ah, kitties.

when he's not doing that, he's either sleeping on my laptop, because it's warm, or taking over chairs. good thing he's small and easily portable. if Dickens wanted my chair, i'd be out of luck.


Zhenia said...

holy fershizzle! cleanliness! in a studio! i am in awe!

nicci said...

hahaha. you should see the other half. *cough* and all the other bins that have yet to be unpacked. lol

illusion of cleanliness.

Amy said...

I love the color too. I need to get a line to whatever makes you want to organize. I am arting in chaos these days.